Join us for a deep and powerful weekend

Presence & Eros


בהנחיית ארן דביר ואמילי גליק

סוף שבוע של טרנספורמציה, אהבה והכרה בחוכמת הגוף

An international workshop from the Art of Love School. This weekend has changed the lives of hundreds of brave and courageous people. This workshop let’s you dive into a deep process of discovery, change and transformation for an entire weekend. During the workshop we will work with the Eros, the vitality and the passion – the life energy that has the power to bring us back to the body. We will connect to our inner power and the powerful Presence that exists within us. By returning to our essence, we can release the conditions and patterns that hold us back from experiencing life in its fullest.
During evolutionary and cultural development a separation was created between sexuality, emotion and spirituality. Shame, guilt and fear accumulated around our body and our sexual energy got stuck in the maze of thinking, judgment and social influences. This disconnect has created a split between our various parts, barriers in our communication between ourselves and the environment, lack of understanding and suffering over generations. When we ask the right questions, it is possible to get to the place we are asking for???, to allow the parts we judge within ourselves to be expressed and to discover the existing connection between passion, presence and love.

How can I know my boundaries and communicate them?

How do I move from pleasing others into action out of my genuine desire?

How do I connect to my life energy?

What is my shadow and which parts of me are hard for me to accept?

What prevents me from living in freedom?

This workshop provides a safe and supportive space where we can go through a transformative process of personal growth and empowerment. We will learn how to connect between the wisdom of the body, head and heart.
The workshop is suitable for both individuals and couples that want to take their first steps in the world of personal development, conscious sexuality and intimate communication.
* The workshop is sexually oriented and includes optional nudity.

Through powerful experiences we will understand that there is no separation between spirit and body. Here we return to our natural place. Releasing everything that does not serve us and connecting to our life energy.

Some of the topics we will delve into in the workshop:

סדנה זאת מתאימה לכל גבר או אישה המעוניינים להעמיק את החיבור שלהם ולהיכנס למודעות עמוקה שנטמעת בכל צעד וצעד לאורך הדרך ולאלו המעוניינים לתמוך באחרים במסע אל החופש. הסדנה כוללת עירום.

הזדמנות להצטרף לסדנה ייחודית בעלת הכרה בינלאומית ולצאת למסע המשלב ידע וניסיון המגיע מרחבי העולם בסוף שבוע יחיד ומיוחד במינו. נשמח להיות אתך בחוויה של חופש ועוצמה בואו לפתוח את הלב...

Amily Glick Weill

Facilitates in-depth groups and accompanies people in processes around intimate communication, connection to the body and conscious sexuality.
She is a graduate of Shachar Caspi’s Art of Love School. Was an assistant in the last course and a pad leader. She currently works as a professional mentor and assistant coordinator in the annual course and manages international relations.

Body painting artist who facilitates workshops, personal and couple sessions of Body & Soul-Painting as a journey of connection to the body and intuitive creation.

A graduate of the training of playback theater instructors and a researcher in the world of drama-therapy and imagination as a gateway to connection with the various parts within us.

Learns and delves into the mysteries of the family constellation, shamanism and rituals as a path to development and growth.

Holds a bachelor’s degree in B.Ed.F.A Communication and Film.
Facilitates professional workshops in the field of video and visual image for companies, organizations and freelancers.

An adventurer full of love for life and human connections. Has a passion for breaking down barriers, changing limiting beliefs and creating safe spaces for the investigation and sharing of what is “forbidden” and related to guilt, shame and fear. A loving presence, sensitivity and attention to the smallest details are part of what allows her to touch the heart and drive a fundamental change.

משתתפי הסדנה בארץ ובעולם מספרים:

תאריך ומיקום:
10-12.02.2022 – בהנחיית ארן דביר ואמילי גליק
בחווה טבעית ומפנקת באזור המרכז, מיקום יימסר לנרשמים.

מחיר הסדנה:
1,200 ₪

לינה ומזון:
לינה בקמפינג עצמאי (ציוד לינה על אחריותכם)- 550
לינה בדום משותף (כולל מזרן וכרית) – 590


דמי ההרשמה בסך 400 ₪ בעת ההרשמה
במקרה של ביטול, המקדמה אינה ניתנת להחזר

להרשמה לסדנה ב- 10-12.02.22

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