Open Relationship Mastery

Life changing course which gives you 10 powerful and effective keys to create an open relationship that supports love, pleasure, freedom, safety, passion and growth.

online course by Shachar Caspi

After a decade of exploring different relationships and experiences in our joined path plus hundreds of couples that came to my clinic and to my workshops, I want to share all of these insights and approaches with you so you will create a life that allows you to shine and be who you are. 

It is so amazing to realize that your sweetest dream can come true. A deep, rich and beautiful connection with strong roots that allows for a broad and meaningful exploration of the different shades of our lives. 

The 10 Keys to Open Relationship course allows you to practice the tools and put them in your toolbox for the different experiences you will undertake in this journey.

In the course I will also discuss my personal journey and give examples from our experiences and movement of inquiring freedom and love in the past decade.

This course provides 10 powerful and effective keys that will give you the tools you need to move smoothly in the open relating world. You can save thousands of dollars of therapy and allow more Loving presence and less drama & contraction within your relationship. 

Would love to walk you through the practices and keys that are offered here.

And here's one of the keys you receive as a gift from me

Key #1​

Beautiful Mistakes​
When we make mistakes why do we not forgive ourselves or our partner? In a new and complex field that we do not have much experience in, Of course we will make mistakes. Why does this actually happen? What new and surprising parts come to the fore in the open relationship?

Key #2

Freedom And Feeling Safe​
The two movements that play a clear role in the couple's structure in the open relationship world are the need for security in the face of the need for freedom. How can we meet both needs?

Key #3

In Tuned Transparency​
How is transparency related to trust? What does it take to be transparent about the relationship? What should be considered before we start sharing?

Key #4

Desire Instead Of Pleasing​
There is a significant difference between the authentic desire that lives within me and that which results from fear and past patterns. How to understand what's right for me in the open relationship movement? What do I need to do to act according to my true will?

Key #5

Sometimes our will for freedom turns into urgency. What is freedom really? What is the difference between freedom and urgency? What should I do to be free?

Key #6

NRE – New Relationship Energy​
What happens when we start a new relationship? Why should we pay attention when we fall in love? How should we manage the dynamics between our relationships and the newly formed relationship?

Key #7

A Safe Space​
How can we create a safe space to process the experiences we go through? What kind of confrontations are we expecting as part of the open relationship exploration?

Key #8

Private Collection Of Resources​
What is a resource? How to work with a resource? In the open world movement, there are storms and difficulties along the way and we need vitality to meet the challenges that await us. What should I do to create available resources for me at all times?

Key #9

Vulnerability Over Control​
What happens when we try When we are emotionally activated our automated defense systems take over the operating system and our ability to communicate with your partner is significantly impaired. To control the reality of the other?

Key #10

Creating a Healthy Container​
Sometimes we forget that everything is temporary and changing in our lives. Sometimes we act from momentary whims and miss our deepest longing. When should I move toward freedom and when should I strengthen my marital relationship?

Bonus Chapter - How to flow from here

In this course we will collect phenomenal tools that enable you to create healthy relationships based on real communication, empathy, honesty, inquiry, closeness and togetherness that comes from the heart.

Is it possible to explore love with different lovers and maintain a relatively central relationship? 

Yes!!! It is possible and once you have all these tools you will discover how to choose a life that allows freedom and security

You will receive:

Ten video lessons

Valid for six months

Shachar Caspi

Founder of the International Art of Love School
Shachar Caspi is the founder of the International “Art of Love School” and leads seminars and retreats on Sexual shamanism, Therapy, Transformation and Mindfulness in Israel and around the world. He is a somatic therapist (graduate of "Hakomi” Psychotherapy) that gives individuals and couples sessions. Shachar has an International yearly certification program for group facilitators and he is a Lead Faculty at the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA). He facilitates Cacao ceremonies and he is the founder of the INITIATION (International shamanic tribal gathering) More than anything, Shachar is a father to “Refael” and “Nahar” and a partner to “Hadas”. He is a courageous explorer of life, love and embodiment.

What is your investment?

Open Relationships Mastery

life changing digital course which gives you effective keys to create a relationship that supports love, pleasure, freedom, safety, passion and growth. ​
$ 190
  • Ten video lessons
  • Six months of free access to content

Open Relationships Mastery

life changing digital course which gives you effective keys to create a relationship that supports love, pleasure, freedom, safety, passion and growth. ​
$ 250
  • Ten video lessons
  • Unlimited free access to the course content